New year's Eve discounts on Samsung smartphones. Highest prices in MegaFon

The MegaFon online store has launched a new promotion, giving a new year's eve discount. The promotion is valid from December 31 to January 6, 2021.The initial cost of a smartphone is 19,990$. For the promotion, the buyer receives a discount of up to 20,000$ for the promotion type.The terms and conditions apply to the following models:Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB - initial cost - 19,990$, the price with discount is 19,990$Samsung Galaxy S 10 256GB - initial price - 21,990$, the price with discount is 21,990$Samsung Galaxy A01 256GB - initial price - 17,990$, price with discount - 16,990$Samsung Galaxy A02s 128GB - initial cost - 19,990$, the price with discount - 19,990$Samsung Galaxy A03s 32GB - initial cost - 19,990$, the price with discount - 17,990$Samsung Galaxy A04s 32GB - initial price - 12,990$, price with discount - 13,990$Samsung Galaxy A20s 32GB - initial price - 16,990$, price with discount - 16,990$Samsung Galaxy A20 - the price without discount - 17,990$, price with discount - 16,990$The discount is not being charged because the smartphone has already been updated to the latest version. The device received a new powerful battery and a new camera.Its characteristics:The diagonal of the screen is 6.5 inches.The Processor is Exynos 990.The RAM is 8 GB.The built-in memory is 128 GB.The main camera is represented by four modules, the main one is 64 MP.The smartphone weighs only 180 g.There is a fingerprint scanner.The price without discount is 19,990$, with a discount-16,990$'.The cost of Samsung Galaxy A20s 32GB without discount - 19,990$ without discount - 16,990$ without discount - 18,990$ without discount - 19,990$ without discount-17,990$.